Looking for iOS/Web Twitter Clients that Let Me Just Show Link Tweets
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I’m mostly only interested in tweets with links. I’m looking for both an iPhone app and a web interface (or, as a fallback, a Windows app) that will just show me that.

I want to see only tweets with links, ideally one intelligent enough to not treat pictures as pics.twitter.com links. Ideally, this would work within Twitter lists, so that I could tell it I just want to see tweets with links within List A, List B, List C, etc.

Any idea what the best way to accomplish this would be? I’m presently using Tweetbot on iPhone and Twitter’s web interface.

Nuzzel is a good app but I don’t think it shows me all links within a list.

I'm aware of Twitter's "filter:links" advanced search operator, but I'm not sure how I can integrate that into something that I could do every time, especially in combination with lists or my timeline.
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Apologies if you're looking for something else, but doesn't Mobile Safari on ios7 already do this? If you open it up you can view only tweets from your network that contain links. Here's the first google hit I got for this functionality.
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How about that ... that's almost certainly going to be what I'm looking for, at least on the iPhone end of things. In an ideal world it would break it down into the lists, but even without that, that's great. Thank you.

Anyone know of something that will do that for the Web end of things, or on Windows?
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Vellum from the NYTimes purports to do this (and has lists) but I see a much smaller set of tweets compared to shared links in Safari. It looks like it does some sort of filtering/ranking as opposed to a "raw" feed.
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