Realtime Whitehole List?
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On behalf of my DDOS mitigation admin buddy: Does anyone know where we could get our hands on a regularly updated list of CDN IPs? Akami don't publish an organised list, and even if they did, there's the plethora of other CDNs out there. Ideally, what we're looking for is something like CloudFlare's list of their IPs, but covering as many CDNs as possible.
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Best answer: (In full disclosure, the company I work for is in the DDoS mitigation space.)

I think a list like this is going to be difficult (if not impossible) to compile. Some of the reasons are listed in this guy's stab at a list, chief of which is the elastic definition of what a CDN is. Next you've got vendors that sort of run their own CDNs. If your friend is looking to stay up to date on what's good or bad out there, there are IP reputation services that are generally kept up to date and used by equipment all over the place to accept (or deny) connections from known bad sources.
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Response by poster: What's bad, we have a handle on, it's the good guys that we don't know. :-)

This is mostly a shot in the dark to see if we've missed anything. Identifying and whitelisting ranges by hand seems ridiculous when it's in the CDNs' interests to have as many providers let their stuff through.
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