Looking for an illustration of a house with a river in it
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I'm looking for an illustration from a children's book that's probably American (at least in English) and probably from the 1980s. The illustration was of a fanciful one-story house that had water integrated into it, like a canal or a lazy river running through the house.

It was in color. I have a sense that it was related to a line of kids' toys, possibly more on the girly side of things than unisex, and that it had something to do with hippos. I don't think it was a very long book at all.
This was from my childhood, so mid to late 1980s is probable, possibly early 1990s.

I love finding examples of real houses that remind me of this illustration, such as this basement bar, this main room and this blue-green indoor lazy river. I would love to see the image that captured my imagination so long ago!
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Response by poster: Looks adorable, but it's from 2010. Thank you, though!
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