Where can I find you, 1981 Depeche Mode Dance Party?
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I'm listening to Depeche Mode's Photographic right now and thinking hey, wouldn't it be totally amazing if there were a club/night/party in the San Francisco Bay Area where I could go dance to this? (Also maybe: Kraftwerk's Pocket Calculator? Los Microwaves' TV In My Eye?) Does this exist anywhere? Please say it does!
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It's been a long time for me but New Wave City seems to still be going strong.
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CatClub -- BAGG or Class of 84.
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New Wave City and the nights at Cat Club can veer a bit more towards the 80s bubblegum pop, though the gems you mentioned will occasionally get played in the back room. If you're near Oakland, I've been really liking the older post-punk and synthpop stuff that the folks at Hanging Garden have been playing. IMHO, the crowd there is also better.
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DJ Danny White has monthly parties in SF & NYC where he plays classic synth-pop like Depeche Mode along with other new electonic music. Check out Indie Slash. It seems like the next party is a 10 year anniversary on Friday June 12th.
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