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I recently remembered how much I liked At the Drive-in, especially the album Relationship of Command. Specifically I like the soft / loud dynamic in the songs, the vocal style (some screamed lyrics, but only occasionally used), the driving guitar melodies, and the choruses that lend to singing along. What would you recommend that is similar? I'm fine with recommendations from any time period.
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Nation of Ulysses kind of scratches that same ATDI itch for me. 13-Point Program to Destroy America (1991) is a classic, or here's a blistering 30 minute live set via YouTube that is a good introduction.
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One of the bands that resulted from the ATDI break-up, Sparta, kind of carried on the ATDI sound on their early releases. I particularly enjoyed their debut, Wiretap Scars, but Porcelain is also pretty good. More recently, ATDI alums Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez released an album under the name Antemasque that kind of gets back to basics after their years of prog wackiness with The Mars Volta.

You might also enjoy Touche Amore's album Is Survived By.
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Check out Fugazi if you haven't yet.

Early Thursday might be up your alley as well.
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Angel Hair


Drive Like Jehu

Let me know if these are up your alley. If so, got tons more ideas. If not, let me know and I can go in a different direction.
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