Golfer's Vasculitis
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My partner is going on a long 4-day march in July. He has developed Golfer's Vasculitis. We have an appointment with our GP, but I wanted to ask the hive if anyone has treated this successfully?

Google tells me the only cure is rest, elevation, and air. These won't be options during this march (it's connected to the military, so several events prior to the march, 4 days of 50km/day, events every evening, with strict marching dress code that involves nine-hole SWAT boots, fatigues, and 22lb pack). Partner has had this variety of heat rash before, and is worried that the tiny pustules will become lesions if he keeps going after the rash presents. Any advice? Does anyone have solid evidence of an autoimmune link?
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I used to get it all the time - hiking in hot weather brings it on very reliably! It has been itchy and looks disgusting but has never gotten weepy or lesion-y. And it always goes away after a few days rest. I find that cortisone cream helps to ward it off, but it could be placebo effect, I don't think there's any evidence for it. I don't know of any way to make it get better without rest.

It's unpleasant, but not particularly dangerous. (Don't know about autoimmune link; I did have rheumatic fever as a teen, around the time I first developed it.) I've never sought medical attention for it because it always happens when I'm having fun on vacation and I don't want to interrupt my good times.
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Compression socks have helped my mom. Hopefully he could find some black ones to match the uniform requirements.
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