New Home Theatre Project(or) - 2015 Edition
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Replace my Panasonic PT-AX200U.


- HDMI, etc.
- high definition.
- throw size: 11' by 5.5" (144" diag in that configuration)
- originally purchased at Projector People
- audio 'out' as passthrough (is this a thing that exists)?

Bonus round: what's the best way to calibrate it (keystoning, position, color, etc.). In the past, I used an Avia disc.
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How far away from the screen is the projector mount? How offset is it vertically? What is your budget?
posted by Diddly at 8:05 AM on May 25, 2015

You want something with lens shift if you need to offset the image, ideally. Keystoning distorts the image.
posted by snuffleupagus at 8:08 AM on May 25, 2015

Response by poster: More details:

- budget up to 2k.
- Distance is negotiable and can be up to 21' .
posted by gregglind at 8:39 AM on May 25, 2015

I'd start here the IN5110 is a steal right now and a great little projector. We have hung many of them in local churches.
posted by HappyHippo at 9:21 AM on May 25, 2015

We have a BenQ HT1075. In your price range you can buy much more, but this is a very versatile, very good projector.

If you save the money on the projector, you can spend some of it on a color calibration system (spyder5) - most of them will work with both projectors and monitors...the projector will have a test screen for setting the geometric settings...
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