I need HIPAA compliant booking & e-record keeping for solo practice
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I am a nutritionist. I am building a wordpress website and I would like to find a way to a. have clients book their own appointments seamlessly on or from my website, b. have clients pre-pay for appointments via paypal, c. keep their health information secure while easily keeping and accessing notes. d. have the whole thing be HIPAA compliant.

I am a little lost. Do you have recommendations for software and plug-ins? I would pay $30/ month, but I don't want to pay $50 or $75.

Any pointers or resources on all the steps necessary to be HIPAA compliant?

Thank you.
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Acuity Scheduling is HIPAA compliant and also Wordpress compatible.

I can't tell if Schedulicity is also, but I think it might be.
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I think to be fully HIPPA compliant Acuity requires their most expensive plan-- but that's still only $34/month, so it should work for you. FWIW, I've found it really easy to work with, and they have a free trial, so it doesn't hurt to play around with it.
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