Three day professional driving courses in Africa?
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I'm interested in paying for a professional driving course (2-3 days) for my Dad. He's a experienced normal driver who has done one or two super casual track days. He's interested in taking his skills to the next level, particularly doing some higher-speed track driving with an instructor. Any recommendations for what I should be searching for? Complexity level: in South Africa or Kenya.

What he's definitely not looking for: a defensive driving course (though we all think those are great and take them every couple of years from the Highway Patrol), or a course with a single instructor and a large class. Seems like prices vary wildly (from hundreds to multiple thousands per day), and as a non-Driver I'm not even sure what the terms I should be searching for. DEFINITELY looking for the safest possible experience acknowledging this is inherently an unsafe activity (e.g. a well maintained track and vehicles, well-trained instructors).

Any advice either on the terms I should be searching for or specific track experiences in Africa (probably either South Africa or Kenya)?
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The keywords you're looking for are "high-performance driver education," and IIRC there aren't any FIA-graded circuits on the African continent where those types of events are held. Once the refurbishment of Kyalami's complete, though, I expect Porsche will likely start offering them up to the public.
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Response by poster: I see Goodyear is offering this sort of thing at Kyalami now. As a non-Driver, should I only be looking at FIA-graded circuits for him?
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As a non-Driver, should I only be looking at FIA-graded circuits for him?

Not at all. FIA grading is completely irrelevant for the kind of instruction you are looking for. A good safety record does not require FIA grading - that's more about track width and other facilities AND run off size and location. You can have FIA spec run off distance and gravel traps etc and still only have a 35ft wide track and so not be eligible for FIA grading.

Try calling the local racing groups/sanctioning groups - the equivalent to the English BRDC, US SCCA or German ADAC bodies and get their advice. I don't have enough information on South African tracks or organisations to be able to help beyond that.
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In South Africa, the local sanctioning body is Motorsport SA.

In addition to Kyalami, I also know of Zwartkops and Killarney. They'll likely have some sort of public access, though I'm not sure if they'll have anything along the lines of what you/your dad are looking for.
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If it narrows your searching, nothing even close to approaching this exists anywhere in Kenya. And, for that matter, I'm pretty certain nothing of the type exists anywhere else on the continent save maybe Egypt or Morocco.
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