Oprah's online dreamboard gone, other free dream boards?
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I had been using Oprah's free 'O board', which was a free dream or vision board. Do you know of any other free ones that are just as good and easy to use?
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I did a search a while back and found many. What features did you like about Oprah's?
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Response by poster: I liked that you put upload your own images :)
And have a virtual board.
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Have you tried Pinterest? It's the standard for this stuff these days. If you want an actual virtual board you can manipulate images on, try padlet.com. It's geared more to education, but might be what you're looking for.
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If you have a Mac, Inboard is a wonderful app that would serve your purposes.
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Yes, Pinterest now lets you upload your own images. Works great, very nice to use.
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How about Trello? I started using it to keep track of projects at work and eventually began using it for personal stuff, too. It is free, and very easy to use. All you do to insert a picture is to "attach" a it to a card, and you can have many cards and many collections of cards. And they even call the different collections of cards you can create a "board". You can create private and public boards.

The Trello format is more organized-looking and less free-for-all and artistic than the Oprah Dream board images I was able to google, and there is more of an emphasis on text in Trello (you can create checklists and whatnot). It might be a suitable replacement, depending upon how you want to use it.
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