Store in a cool, dry place.
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Have my prescription tranquilizers been damaged by exposure to cold?

I left two bottles of pills in my car over the weekend. It probably got down to 5–15°F both nights in a row.

I know one is advised to keep medications away from extremes of temperature. Will these pills (generic clonazepam and alprazolam tablets) be damaged at all?
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I can't imagine that they would be. Extreme heat might speed up the degradation of a drug, but cold tends to slow down same.

Either way, might be best to simply ask your local pharmacist.
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Cold is generally not the issue with medication, unless is it liquid. Since you say pills specifically, I'd think not. A quick call to your local 24 hour pharmacy could say for sure.
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The manufacturer's info recommends storing clonazepam at 15-30 degrees C. My gut feeling, however, is that the temperatures you mentioned will not damage either drug.
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Best answer: Generally, storage of drugs at lower temperatures is better.

The concern on storage is the rate of decomposition. Such rates of chemical reactions are slower at lower temperatures. Pharmaceutical companies strive, however, to find drugs where storage in the fridge is not a requirement for a decent shelf life. That doesn't mean that storage in the fridge is harmful.

The other factor to be concerned about on storage normally is humidity. But again, the colder the air, the less moisture it can contain.

So without being able to find information on stability studies by the manufacturers, my best guess is that you have nothing to worry about.
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Response by poster: I called the pharmacist and the pills should be a-okay. Thanks very much for all your input.
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