How to get an envelope sent from Ohio to Texas, arriving by wed 8AM?
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I'd like to have an envelope delivered to me here in Austin Texas, from Columbus Ohio, arriving by Wednesday at 8am, Fedex said they have something called "first overnight" sending tuesday, arriving by 8am Wed, but an envelope would cost 68 dollars. Any other cheaper options exist? I guess NO ONE works this sunday/monday?
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USPS's website says it'll cost ~$20-30 for Priority Mail Express 1-Day™ large envelope, with Scheduled Delivery Day of Wednesday if mailed on Tuesday.

You can actually do all the postage online now - and it's even cheaper if you do it online. Then you just tape the postage to the envelope and drop it off at your post office. I suggest going inside and handing it off in person so it goes out with the earliest shipment.
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Response by poster: Will it get there by 8am? I googled but couldn't find anything. Can I get a link to their information?
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Back in the pre-innerwebs days, we used to send rolls of drawings via Greyhound.. just sayin.
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DHL and UPS both also have early-morning Next Day services, but I'm pretty sure the post office never does early morning guarantees, and Fedex/DHL/UPS, you'll need to make sure they're really guaranteeing 8am, because in some locations the times will vary. It's pretty usual for these things to be based on business days, yes. If you can live without it for even a few hours longer, the difference in price can be dramatic.
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One last option, and it may be costly... look into airlines doing courier duty. You may have to go to the airport, and you'll need somebody to courier it to the airport, but it will get there faster too, and may even work on weekends. Call and ask if they do document delivery.
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Greyhound: I checked a 1 pound package with 12" max dimension and the quote is $34.90. If you could get it to the depot in Columbus by 02:15 am departure tomorrow (Sunday), it should arrive by 06:05 am on Monday (29 hours transit). You would have to pick it up at Greyhound depot yourself.
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Can it be driven?

That's what my grandparents did when I lost my only set of keys (they had a spare) but that was sheer love and devotion.
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