So Latin, Greek, and Old English walk into a bar...
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Sometime in the last several months I found a post on a site I'd never been to before that shared a word made up by the author.

It had combined Latin, Greek, and (I think) Old English root words as components, and the word itself meant something self-referential like "having mixed up root words in different languages," or something clever like that. I think it was 15-20 letters or so long.

My dad and I were talking about this the other day, and I know he would love it if I could just find it. But I'm determined not to tell him about it the way I normally tell jokes.

PS: The best I could find from MetaFilter and Google was macaronic. I guess that's the idea, but it didn't help me find the word.
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Are you looking for the website or the word? If website, this sounds sort of like The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows.
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Response by poster: The word, but it might have been there. I'll be looking.
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"Heteroradical," "multirhizoid," "polylingual compound," and "heterolingual compound" are suggested on this stackexchange thread.
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Response by poster: Getting there. These are helpful, though.
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