How to remove sealer from Armstrong VCT vinyl tile?
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I installed Bikini Blue vinyl floor tiles in my office. I sealed them with some kind of liquid sealer (like I was instructed to do by the hardware store). How do I remove some spilled sealer?

This is what happened. I put the half-full plastic container of the sealer in the closet. Skip three years ahead - somehow the sealer ate away at the plastic container and started seeping out and because of gravity it spilled out of the closet onto the floor. I thought someone had spilled beer on the floor and I was on my way out so I thought I will clean it in the morning. Next day I go in my office and I have a puddle of hard as rock sealer that looks like spilt beer.

I tried sanding it - that did not work. I tried chiseling it off and that worked but it still leaves a fine film of beer-colored stain. I can see that if I knew what kind of chemical to use I could strip it off.

This is a sad picture of the damage.

What kind of chemical can I use?
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I don't think there is any chemical that you can use - without damaging the vinyl flooring. In my limited experience these events always come down to 1/ elbow grease and 2/ a realization that a rug would make a perfect addition to the room...
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Many floor sealers are soluble in ammonia.
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Rip up the affected area of tile and put a few new tiles down.
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