Where to stay and what to do in Munich
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I'm in Munich for three days this summer (around the last of week of June) and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for hostels? I'd prefer a social atmosphere but nothing too party-oriented. Also, what are some must-see and must-do things for a short visit to Munich?
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I stayed at Wombats nearly five years ago, and had no complaints, and it's still highly rated. Right near the train station. They had a good walking tour of the city at the time.
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The White Rose exhibit in Munich University is a very moving experience.
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I enjoyed walking around the Englischer Garten on a fine June day.
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Wombats and the walking tour seconded. Neuschwanstein Castle is a nice day trip.
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I visited Munich several years ago. If were to return for a visit what I would definitely plan on doing is renting a bicycle and riding around the city a bit. They have a very extensive bikelanes and -paths system and it's definitely part of the city vibe.

If you like 20th century art, the Lehnbachhaus is really nice.

The central market is good for an outdoors bazaar-like experience amongst wandering crowds.
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Don't forget to watch the glockenspiel at Munich city hall at some point, right by Marienplatz.
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The Deutsches Museum is insane if you are anyway into technology It has everything from ancient music instruments to a replica coal mine. Pic what you want to see ahead of time as you would need at least three days to see it all. Pretty much a museum of new and old human technology.
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I'd you go to the Englischer Garten there is a standing wave at the south end user for surfing, worth a look.
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Seconding the Deutsches Museum. And for the hostel, there's only one choice, really: catch the S7 S-Bahn to Pullach, location of the castle-hostel Burg Schwaneck. Booking info here.
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Don't go to the Tent if you like being able to sleep at night
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