Wondering about the brand or origin of a tea infuser
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I picked up this beautiful infuser-pot at a thrift store a few months ago and I can't find any information about who made it online.

The plastic handle had a coating that had turned sticky with age. I removed the coating, but unfortunately scratched the plastic a little in the process. I mostly want to know the make of the pot for curiosity's sake, but I'd also like to know in case there's a chance that I can repair the damage I did to the plastic.

It reminds me of some Bodum-brand infusers and presses that I've seen but I haven't been able to find anything exactly like it with my googlings.

There are no brands or markings on the product anywhere, except the bilingual labelling 'heat resistant/resistant a la chaleur' (so possibly Canadian-made?)
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The South East Market in Salt Lake City, is an Asian market and it carries a number of interesting tea infusers. Many are from Japan and China, high tech, clean designs like that. I might go in that direction.
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It looks like a Bodum Chambord. Here is a coffee press from that line. Even thought the design isn't exactly the same, look at the strainer on the lid. Similar, eh?
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Yeah it looks Bodum esque to me too, but I'm not seeing anything with that sort of hanging infuser. You may be able to replace the bottom and keep the infuser top if it's the handle that's the problem. Otherwise I use a regular (well tiny size) Bodum French Press for my loose leaf tea. I just steep then press and pour.
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Here's a new one that works by the same mechanism.

I tried searching for the brand to see if I could find vintage styles but apparently "miam miam" is French for "yum yum" which is google for "good luck, fucker."

I found that by searching for hinge tea infuser press. I'm not finding anything else even remotely close.
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Wow, the 20oz Ovente press pot is like like the sexy, refined version of mine!

I think I can assume that mine, being unbranded and slightly inferior in comparison, is some kind of Ovente knockoff. Thank you mammoth! and everyone for your efforts. And thank you phunniemee for the lol this morning.
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