How does a person get an invite to
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Do I have to play the text adventure game on their home page? Is there an iRC channel at which I can ask nicely? Hidden page? Is there another site I'd be happier at instead?
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On almost every private tracker, giving an invite to someone publicly begging for one is grounds to disable the account of both the inviter and the invitee. Most people get into Waffles by knowing someone who is already a member, or getting recruited from the power user forums of other respected private trackers.

You can send me a mail if you want more info (but I am not a member of waffles and I cannot invite you there). You can also read /r/trackers which has some good info in the sidebar.
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It might be easier to get into (which is a better site anyway). They have an interview though which you can get an invite without knowing anybody. More info here:
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Response by poster: Seriously, though: what is the deal with the text adventure game?
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Because every web site should have a text adventure game on the front page.

For more tracker homepage fun, see BaconBits.
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