public domain optical illusions
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royalty free optical illusions?

so a google search for optical illusions sends back a number of low-res and/or rights managed options. is there a resource out there for public domain optical illusions that are bigger than a postage stamp?

i am looking for a good mix of about 20-40 images that are fairly hi-res and free/cheaply licensed.
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Here are the results of a Creative Commons search for "optical illusions" with "Find content I can use for commercial purposes" and "Find content I can modify, adapt, or build upon" boxes ticked. You'll need to look at the fine print of each site for specific information on usage. The first result on the page looks interesting.
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Also, here are the results of a search for "illusion" at the Wikimedia Commons site. Some are stated as being in the public domain i.e. this one for example.
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