Travelling to Mainland Greece May 2015 - Grexit?
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Are economic woes/strikes in Greece likely to disrupt my holiday plans next week?

I'll be based in Athens and making typical tourist trips around the mainland. Travelling by air from the UK. Anything I should have ready/prepare now to minimise trouble? Or should I not be concerned?
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Mostly be prepared for strikes, I reckon. I was frequently travelling back and forth to Greece during the last major go round of mass protests and unrest. The unrest then was localised and easy to avoid-- the strikes caused much bigger issues but they still never "crippled" much of anything. This page is a good resource.
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I've been in Greece twice (2003, 2004) and been affected by strikes both times. In both cases strikes closed the Parthenon. So if there are some attractions you're planning on visiting, perhaps check beforehand if there are dates they may be affected, to save yourself a wasted trip.
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Best answer: I'm in Athens a lot and was there at the height of the last big strike. The Greeks are very polite with their strikes--they stay in zones that you most likely won't be around or have a reason to walk through. The thing to keep in mind about Greek culture is that they are extremely generous and extremely warm and welcoming. They're mad with good reason, however, they are still a beautiful people.

I wouldn't sweat it.
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No. Some things may be closed, but that's it.
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Best answer: Next week is still May so except for the odd ATM that is out of cash, you should be OK.

June is when things start to hit the fan. In June Greece has to pay €6,2bn to the IMF and various other short term notes which they will probably be able to cover. Additional debt repayment in July and August to the ECB looks really doubtful and if this happens the banks will run out of Euros.
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