Where can I learn flower arranging in Brooklyn?
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I'm looking to gift someone who loves flowers with a class on flower arranging and design – a 1-3 hour class like one of these. Personal experiences if you have them; I'd prefer Brooklyn, ideally not more than 20-30 minutes by train or car from Crown Heights.
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Sounds like an awesome gift. Every so often Brooklyn brainery offers classes like this. None seem to be offered right now but you could always get them a gift certificate for a future class. See classes here: http://brooklynbrainery.com/courses
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The Brooklyn Botanic Garden -- right there in my former neighborhood, Crown Heights -- offers various classes, some on flower arrangement.
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Dumbo Arts Center had an ikebana class that looked sort of interesting. A lateral approach to flower arranging (and not offered right now) but it might be worth using that as a search term to see if you come up with something local to your friend that's currently offered.
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I have been to classes both at Brooklyn Brainery and Stems and both were fun! But very different. The class at Brainery was about building structured, "mainstream" arrangements in a contemporary vase - and provided a good amount of info on flowers and flower care. Stems has a more freeform, bohemian style and had plenty of unusual flowers, and arrangements went into mason jars.

To each her own style!
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