Feminine women's clothing at fair price?
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ISO a women's clothing retailer (with shop-online availability) that sells clothes with really nice feminine detailing and such and isn't any more than lower-mid-range in terms of pricing.

Are there stores with online presence that sell clothing that's youthful (but not too informal), polished (but not basic/streamlined/"urban") and reasonably affordable? Something with really feminine styles. Anthropologie, J. Crew and Ann Taylor all have stuff that meets these criteria, but also a lot of stuff that does not. Just looking for some new options.
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Department stores? They tend to have more frequent sales, coupons, a wider selection of clothing styles and sizes, and you can often try on and return stuff locally if that's your thing. I ordered a load of business-casual work dresses from JC Penney's website for an average of $30 each last month and I'm pretty happy with them. I've had similar experiences with other department stores. Well, except Nordstrom, which is nice, but less affordable when you don't want to be wearing the same dress all summer long (and I'm not good at matching clothes so I've decided dresses are a good plan to avoid that problem, so separates are out.)

tl;dr: dying retail behemoths of yesteryear.
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What do you mean by feminine styles and details? Like, girly prints, bright colors, or frills/ruffles, or body-conscious, or...? Some ideas: Boden, more preppy-feminine, and White House Black Market, which I think is going for more sexy-feminine.
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Norstrom Rack has online shopping. (You can shop by brand there.) TJ Maxx also does online now.

Express's sale section is good. Sign up for their emails and they often do an extra 40% off clearance every few weeks.

I've found great stuff on 6pm.com and it's easier and more reliable than Amazon for clothes from real brands (less stuff from China, etc.)

Definitely, Modcloth.

Also, don't completely discount Forever 21. I've found amazing stuff there, especially from their Contemporary (Love 21) line. I have like 3 blazers, 2 amazing pencils skirts, tank tops, business tops, an amazing sweater dress, and handful of jewelry, that I get LOADS of compliments on. You can also sign up for their emails and they often do free shipping for less than $50 (their standard). Or free shipping on all orders. They also do extra percent of clearance pretty often. (Like this embroidered shift dress is very anthro-like. And I've been LUSTING after this skirt so hard.) Here's the pencil skirts I love.
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Response by poster: Not to threadsit, but the price can go higher than some of these options, just not by much.
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Seconding Forever 21 and the "contemporary" line in particular. It can be a crapshoot in terms of quality and fit, but of the things I've ordered online, most have been amazing and only a couple have been duds.

You're probably already fully aware of Loft if you shop at Ann Taylor, but I've been really loving them lately. I find Loft much more wearable and less fussy and dry-cleany than AT, but still feminine and "nice." And they almost always have some sort of sale going on.

Francesca's might interest you, too. They might be a little too casual/bohemian for your taste, but they hit some of the same aesthetic notes as Anthropologie at a considerably lower price point.
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Ruche might fit your criteria.
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Forever 21 can be really great, and they have REALLY GOOD sales a few times of year where it is like "oh yes I would like a beautiful lacy skirt for $9 and a floral dress for $10"
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Shabby Apple? As peachfuzz asked, it would depend on precisely what you meant by 'feminine,' but they're definitely on the modest/ladylike end of the spectrum. And they have a whole section of tulle skirts right now.

On the younger/sexier end, what about ASOS? They have a wide variety of designs and a huge dress collection. I've been drooling over this dress for ages.
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I like Golden Tote. It's a subscription (but you can decide when you want to subscribe so it's not automatically every month). It does mean that your clothes will be a toss up, but most of their clothing fits your requirements.

You just choose what size bag you want, and then you can choose an item or two to go in there. The stylists try to pick the rest of your clothes based on your preferences. If you don't like something, you can either send back everything or participate in the very active trading group on Facebook.
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You may want to check out elainecl.com as there may be some dresses to your liking. Also, my sister also has H&M as one of her go-to's.

Full disclosure: all the clothes on this site are completely hand-made by my better half!
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A little on the higher end but I've had some luck with the outlet or sales selections for Sundance. Garnet Hill is another site with good sales.
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