How to temporarily put a parking sticker on a car
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My workplace demands a permanent sticker in the back windshield of all cars on the premises. I hate having stickers on my car. The rules state the sticker cannot be taped, etc. but held by its adhesive. Can anyone help me brainstorm a hack to make this sticker look like it's put right on the windshield, but have it actually on in such a way that I can put it on before work and take it off after?
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Stick the sticker to a magnet, put another magnet on the other side of your windshield.
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Is it the kind of sticker that attaches to the inside of the window or the outside?
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There's repositionable adhesives. I think you could probably spray the sticker with that and turn it into a 'reusable' sticker - but given that we're dealing with the heat of sun shining through glass all day, this may not work for long...
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Buy some clear cling vinyl. You can get this online or at any large craft store like Jo-Ann's. Peel the sticker off, stick it on the cling vinyl, stick the vinyl cling on your window. Peel it off whenever you want. Boom.
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Remember overhead projectors? You could get those plastic slides profs would doodle on with removable markers and rinse clean later.

I've seen this solved is by sticking the sticker to one of those slides, cutting it out and using scotch tape to stick that to the windshield. Trivially removable, very hard to detect visually.
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Seconding the cling vinyl. I've now done that at a school and two workplaces that required window stickers; worked great.
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I put my high school parking pass on cling wrap. It worked great for the kind of sticker that goes on the inside.
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Rubber Cement
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I used clear photo corners for mine.
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My brother had a friend who put a LeBatts beer label up on his windshield as a temporary sticker. YMMV.
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Nth-ing the clear cling vinyl. I've done this with my work parking sticker for years now. The trick is, once you put the sticker on the vinyl, you need to trim the vinyl to the exact size of the sticker, and no one will be able to tell the difference.
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Does your rear window have defrost? You are not supposed to put anything on a rear window with defrost, even if it doesn't come into contact with the defrost conductor wires. It should state this in your car's manual. Find it and show it to whomever is telling you that you need to put a sticker there.
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