Trying to remember name of Mac 2D animation program from 1985
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I can't remember much about it but I'm trying to remember the name of a Classic Mac-era program that let you create animations in the black-and-white style of Dark Castle. It came with a demo that scrolled and had funny stuff happening in it.
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Hypercard! Agree.
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I lost a lot of time in HyperCard, trying to make games. But there was another product as well. I thing it was along the lines of World Workshop. Or something...
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Response by poster: Hi--it was definitely not Hypercard.
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Response by poster: You might be thinking of World Builder, which this adventure game was written in...

But it wasn't that, it was all about making animations.
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Best answer: The 1985 program VideoWorks, the direct ancestor of Macromedia Director.
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Response by poster: The fire hydrant makes me think that's the answer!
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Best answer: I absolutely had this on my 512K Mac. I haven't thought about it in a while, but I remember one of the demos was a king kong creature fighting planes on top of a building. Awesome. Thanks for looking this up.
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Response by poster: It's totally awesome. I got it running on an emulator last night. After a search for the demos I found them on a disk called "Art Disk." They include "Radar Love," which I absolutely remember from my childhood and had forgotten since then, and "El Camino Real," an ode to what was apparently a Mexican restaurant in San Jose.

I think the demos were created by the same talented artist behind Dark Castle.

So awesome.
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