Can braces move molars forward in the mouth?
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Any orthodontists around? My tooth needs to be extracted (second to last molar on the bottom jaw; right side). and I would like to avoid an implant if possible and would like to replace it with my own teeth instead by moving my back molar forward.

Here's the history:

1rst molar (#19) needs to be extracted. The wisdom tooth (3rd Molar ie #17) is still there, but has not erupted due to no room in the mouth.

However, once #19 is extracted there will be plenty of room! So instead of an implant I'd love to move 2nd molar (#18) forward to take the spot of where #19 used to be. Then the space behind that can be filled in by the wisdom tooth that will now have room to erupt. GENIOUS! Yes?

So if the #'s are confusing, basically - second to last molar needs extraction. Would love to have the last visible molar move forward to take it's place, which will then leave space for the wisdom tooth to erupt and come forward. Can braces do these? Maybe the special damon braces type will be able to move molars forward? How long would it take and is it risky or relatively easy?
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Not an orthodontist, but that's pretty much what they did to me because I didn't have enough room for all my teeth. Got rid of 2 upper molars and moved the rest forward. As a result, was able to keep my 2 top wisdom teeth (although they are useless because they barely overlap with any bottom teeth).

Caveat: I was 15 or 16 when this was done.
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This is definitely possible in theory, but may or may not be possible, or a good, idea, for your particular mouth. Almost all orthodontists offer free consultations - call one or two up and go see them! Bring along your most recent xrays from your dentist or dental surgeon.
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I'd say that it's most likely possible. Due to overcrowding, one of my lower canines ended up on the wrong side of the mouth and my orthodontist moved it to the other side of my mouth with a brace. I think that moving a tooth one space forward would be easier than that
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This is likely possible but difficult. The older you are and the more roots on a tooth the more difficult they are to move. Brackets can be affixed to the impacted(?) wisdom tooth during surgery, then an elastic chain is attached from the bracket beneath the gums to the wire and brackets on the erupted teeth. Slowly the orthodontist shortens the chain, pulling the tooth forward/downward. Orthodontists always aim to have a matching tooth on top for every tooth on the bottom so you don't want to have a tooth without a mate on the opposite jaw.
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I'm missing two upper teeth, but you'd never know thanks to my wonderful orthodontist. They were two premolars, so my molars were definitely moved forward.
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I am missing 4 molars from my mouth but you would never know due to the amount of orthodontics I had between ages 12 - 17.
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Based on what they did to my mouth, I'd say they can do anything with orthodontics.
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