Trans and/or non-binary vampires?
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After this great thread on the Blue about books with non-binary and gender-fluid characters, I'm looking for books that feature non-binary, genderqueer, and/or trans characters -- who are also vampires. I'm aware of three novels with such characters, which I will list in smalltext after the jump.

I'm specifically not looking for cisgender vampires who are gay/lesbian/bisexual; those I can find on my own. Films are also good.

The books I know about are (spoilers!):

- Personal Darkness by Tanith Lee
- Blackwood Farm by Anne Rice
- The Delicate Dependency by Michael Talbot

I hate the sensationalism that means that, "X character in Y book is trans," is probably a huge spoiler, but I still don't really want to get spoiled, so please just mention the title and author of your suggestion if that's likely.

Yes, you do get extra points for finding me stories where a character's non-cis-ness is not used as an illustration of their decadence and depravity!
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Best answer: A minor character in Holly Black's "The Coldest Girl in Coldtown" is trans. And not an illustration of decadence and depravity!
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Best answer: Well, the obvious film example would be Let the Right One In, or it's English-language remake Let Me In (which I'm told is actually pretty good, and has a different take on the material, and is generally worth watching where one might typically disregard an English remake, etc. etc.)

Not sure if you're interested in film, but there is an English translation of the Swedish source novel though I haven't read it and can't vouch for it's treatment of the topic.
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Best answer: Do you mind comics? Dean in Charm School still identifies as a woman but I think she could be considered genderqueer in a lot of ways. The comic itself is ... it's OK. It's fun enough.
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Response by poster: Comics are great too!

I can't believe I forgot about Let the Right One In. I haven't read the book (it's now on my list!) but I have seen the Swedish film.
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Best answer: Did you read the other books in Lee's series? I believe the character you reference takes a more central position in Darkness, I.
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Response by poster: It's been a very long time, but I think I might not have read Darkness, I. Good news!
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