Does this movie sweater exist in real life?
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I'm looking for a sweater similar to (the same as?) this sweater worn by Kenny in the Tom Ford movie A Single Man. Specifically, an ethereal men's sweater that conveys all the innocence of youth but still makes you want to reach out and grab it. Or maybe just a soft, fuzzy men's sweater in a light color.

I've searched the internet for a sweater of the kind several times over the last few months. Hopefully, someone knows where I could find one, or at least a designer that makes similar things.
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I would do a google image search for "men's white mohair sweater" as a start.
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You might search for angora or mohair sweater.
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A reproduction of the exact sweater from the movie:
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It's fairly easy to find mohair or angora yarn, and then you just need to find a knitter who either likes you very much, or one that does commission work. Certainly doesn't seem like a terribly difficult pattern, and an experienced sweater knitter would probably be able to replicate it pretty well.
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Consider a good quality cashmere sweater; it's amazingly soft and touchable.
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I've done my due diligence (to the best of my abilities), and I have already searched for men's mohair/angora sweater multiple times on google/pinterest/polyvore/etc. to no avail!

Maybe it's time I teach myself how to knit a sweater...
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You might consider not limiting your searches to men's sweaters. Look for a boxy shape (not form fitting, no shaping at the waist) in a women's sweater.
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That's definitely angora. Mohair would be somewhat similar, but angora would give you a fuzzier halo. Mohair is much easier to find than angora, though.
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Peacebone, did you see my link to the exact sweater?
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Angora often comes blended with other fibers. You could try adding merino, wool, cotton, even acrylic if you roll that way, to your search and see if that helps.
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three_red_balloons: I edited your comment to make it clickable. Hope thats ok.
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I did an eBay search and found several candidates within minutes. "Club Monaco Ainsley" is something you might want to look into.

When you want something very specific, you narrow down the key features and search on those. in your case, white, angora, and crewneck are the key features, and the sweater is neither baggy nor very fitted. "Men's sweater" is irrelevant to your search because there is nothing about that sweater that suggests it's either masculine or feminine. I found the most hits under Women's Clothing.

First, go by category. Go to Clothes, Shoes and Accessories, then Women's Clothing, then Jumpers & Cardigans. Choose Jumpers. Under Material, look for Angora. If neckline style is available, choose crew neck. If sleeve length is available, choose long sleeve. If your sweater needs to be new and not used (very likely for a stainable colour in a material that pills like crazy), filter for that.

Now look through all the pictures and see which ones immediately bash you in the eye as candidates. Check the pictures and the seller's description for the fabric composition. Watch anything that comes close, because suitable items may appear in the "similar picks" list.

rinse and repeat under "men's clothing".

If your search terms don't turn up enough results, remove some of the filters and search carefully by eye. if you still can't find anything, do a keyword search "white angora sweater". Turn "search on description" on if you still can't find enough.

If you can't find any brand-new sweaters, look carefully under Used. There may be some Used sweaters that the seller credibly argues that they've only tried on, or only worn once. Or you may find the make and model of the sweater you want and successfully find a new one elsewhere.
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