Honest auto mechanic in Olympa, WA
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My mother lives in Olympia, WA, drives a Honda Fit, and says she needs to get her brakes checked (among whatever else). She also thinks every mechanic is out to scam her. Please give me some recommendations that I can pass on to her.

I'm also checking Car Talk, but wanted some anecdotes as well.
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Just take the car to a garage that has a license to work on the Honda Fit under warranty. That's what I do. The dealership typically charges an arm and a leg, so I take the car to Canadian Tire which has a license to work on my make of car. They also have good customer service and do some work for free or at cost, which is why I like them.

But that license is the most important thing.
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Les Schwab does brakes. I took my car in for a brake check a few months ago, and they told me there was still plenty of life left in the brakes. The wobble I was experiencing was just a balance issue (which they fixed for free since I'd bought the tires there).
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I live in Olympia and have a good mechanic. Really. Meinke in downtown Olympia is very honest (it used to be a locally owned chain and I've taken my car there for 15 years). Bryan, the manager and service writer, will not sell her anything she doesn't need and will explain things and is happy to show what is wrong on a car.

If she'd feel better about it, I'd meet her there. Being a lady, I know what it is like to feel as if mechanics are out to get you. PM me if I can help.
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Les Schwab.
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AAA can put her in touch with people if she's a member.
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Check Angies List
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When I moved to Olympia a bunch of friends recommended Terry's Automotive on Harrison, and I've had very good experiences with them over the years. (E.g., a couple of times now I've brought the car in thinking it needed to have various expensive things done; the first time they said "Nah, you don't need to have that done for a couple of years yet," and the second time said "Nah, you don't need that replaced, we just needed to adjust it a bit" and in both cases they were correct and the car has gone on working perfectly.) (and in the second case they didn't charge me for doing the adjustment. )
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Second vote for Terry's Automotive - my sister uses them exclusively and has had similar experiences to Kat Allison.
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If possible, ask your Mom to have a male friend take the car in for a check-up. Regardless of how offensive the idea is, she stands a thousand-times better chance of getting a straight answer without being scammed if she lets a man do the talking.
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