Whats this grotesque figure in old painting in Berlin?
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I came across this painting (the right hand of the three) in St Marienkirche, in the middle of Berlin. The bottom right hand corner has a negroid grotesque figure that beggars belief. Does anyone know who painted this, and when?
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It's a Last Judgement scene, with the holy being ushered off on one side by angels, and the damned being taken to hell by demons. The grotesque figure is one of the demons.
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From this link
(wait, nevermind, they're referring to something else; regardless, link may be of assistance)
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Googling has led me to believe the figure is possibly Baphomet, often depicted with breasts, and goat-like horns?
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Response by poster: Yeah, I found that info already, and they don't mention the painting. There is a much more famous, and totally buggered, fresco, the Totentanz, which has robed ancients being shown around by dead alien things, so that's cool. But this thing!
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Response by poster: Baphomet! That would be startling. No goat-like horns, but definitely a strong whiff of the taboo-breaking, in-your-face-wrong, that still works today.
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It was not at all uncommon for Satan or demons to be represented as moors in European art.
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Yeah, I found that info already, and they don't mention the painting.

Doesn't this describe your paintings:
5. The main Baroque altar was designed around 1762 by Andreas Kr├╝ger. The three paintings are The Removal of Jesus Christ from the Cross (center), Christ on the Mount of Olives (right), and Doubting Thomas and the Disciples in Emmaus (left), painted by Christian Bernhard Rode in 1761.
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Response by poster: Nailed it! Thank you all!
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Response by poster: Whoops, no those are the paintings on the alter. The three paintings of which this is one are not as closely integrated. The right hand one is Christ, but I see no Mount of Olives, and the left hand one is not Doubting Thomas. Still hoping someone might know the artist.
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Best answer: This site http://www.helmutvoss.de/kirchen_berlin_marienkirche_02.html seems to indicate it is school of Cranach, which would put it in the early 16th century?
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