Interesting Book Design Ideas
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I want to create a short chapbook of some of my science fiction short stories to sell at an upcoming convention. What are some interesting, eye-catching design ideas that will make the book stand out?

It will be a very small run (maybe 50 copies). The book will have about 30 pages and include illustrations.

I'm fine with losing some money on these books, so the ideas don't have to make economic sense. I'm happy to do some assembly (although I have no bookbinding experience). I'm friendly with a local printing business and have access to a laser cutter/etcher.

Here are a few of my current ideas, just to give you a sense of the sort of thing I'm after:
  • Printing some pages on acetate instead of paper
  • Pop-up pages
  • Including laser-cut "feelies" related to the stories
  • Making the cover out of an unusual material
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Lale Westvind and Carrie Vinarsky created mini comics for Busy Beaver Button Co that involve a button pinned onto the inside back page. A circle die cut through the center of each comic allows the button to interact with each page.
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I love the look of Japanese accordion-bound books, which you could fan out on your display, showing all the stories at once.
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Best answer: There are lots of fun ways to bind books (yourself), and lots of MeFites who have experience (as they mention in that thread), if you'd like to chat with someone about what it takes to do any of that yourself.

Pop-up books are all hand-made, so there's no short-cut there, but there are some more simple folds and pop-up mechanisms to build. Note that by adding a pop-up element, you're adding a good bit of bulk, as the pop-up paper needs to be durable for repeat popping.
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for a unique cover, check out holographic vinyl

there isn't anything else like it... very striking. I have it all over my loft where it creates rainbows.
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