Smartphone entertainment contingency for possible rainout
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Whenever I go camping, I try to prepare for things to do just in case we get rained out and stuck at the campsite (or if it's late at night and I can't sleep or leave). I've already prepared the classic stuff (a bunch of books to read), but this is the first time I've had a smartphone with me on an extended trip! I'd love to hear suggestions of what I can put on my phone that would be a good timewaster just in case?

Specific details:

- smartphone is an LG Volt, Android
- Will be gone for four days, so a good variety of things would be preferable
- no chance of any internet connection so games that require it are a no-go
- can recharge phone easily, but would prefer it if the apps aren't power-intensive
- games are the obvious suggestion, but any ideas of what to put on the phone are welcomed
- I'm fully aware of things that aren't smartphone-centric to do on camping trips and I have a bunch planned; this is just preparing alternatives in case they can't happen. No need to suggest those; I'm looking specifically for stuff for my phone.
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What about a bird or plant identification app?
Merlin or iBird maybe but they might only work with an internet connection.
There might be something of interest here or here.

Have fun!
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We've sometimes listened to podcasts together before bed while camping. Radiolab has always felt exceptionally well paced for that kind of slowly unfolding campfire story about how some little piece of the universe works.
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Seconding Merlin, a wonderful app if you have any interest in learning birds and their calls. The general "what bird is this" lookup requires internet, but you can browse all the birds and their calls offline.

It would also be a great time to go through your photos and edit them properly -- there are a billion free photo editor apps to download if you don't have one yet.
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Pudding Monsters is a fun puzzle game with hilarious sounds.
You probably already know about 2048, but I've wasted plenty of time there.
Trainyard is a trickier puzzle game that makes me happy anytime I figure out one of the harder ones. Check out Trainyard Express for the free prequel version.
And if you're okay with for-pay apps, I've heard great things about the Audubon Guides, which allow you to download content for offline use.
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Music to sing/ dance along to.
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My favorite is Cribbage Pro. It's a great card game that's played offline.
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