Web tool for collaboratively captioning photos?
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I'm editing and typesetting my grandfather's memoir. I have many (over 100) photos of his I digitized now on my computer, but many are missing captions. What site/tool should I use to go through the photos with him? He's quite tech savvy for someone in his 90s, but he also lives across the country and it's hard for him to hear on the phone.
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Upload them to Google Now Photos, mark them private, share them with him, which should give him link to note or comment on each.
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Best answer: dropbox recently added the ability to comment on individual files, including photos.
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Response by poster: I have the photos on Dropbox now, so that could conceivably be an option. I'd rather not require him to sign in to view them, though (he doesn't have an account there or with Google, that I know of).
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Response by poster: Well, it took some doing, but I went the Dropbox route. I couldn't get him to write comments on the photos, though he was able to see them at the same time as me and so we could talk about them.
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