Your favorite winery in Paso Robles, CA?
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We're going to Paso this weekend! There's some recs on the Green from 8 years ago but many tasting rooms have closed and opened since then. What's your favorite winery to visit in the Paso area? (If you have a favorite coffee shop in San Luis Obispo that would be great to know too!)
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Oh, Alta Colina, on Adelaida Road! It's a small family winery with delicious Rhône varietals. It's a beautiful place, and Maggie in the tasting room is a delight!
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Castoro Cellars

-> Technically, it's in Templeton on 46 West. Great wines!
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J Lohr was a much better experience than you would think, given how well-known they are. I'd recommend it and against Tobin James, which was a zoo.
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If you have a favorite coffee shop in San Luis Obispo that would be great to know too!

Oh, I have opinions about this: we've tried most of them over a few visits to SLO. Scout Coffee on Garden. New-ish, somewhat hipstery, but great. Really good pastries too -- best almond croissant ever.

Others: Linnaea's, also on Garden, is more 1970s health-food crunchy but has great coffee. Bella Mundo on Monterey is good but tiny, hard to find a seat, noisy. Wildcard: Steynberg Gallery, further up Monterey -- fun because you can sit and look at the art while you drink your coffee. Not a fan: Kreutzberg, on Higuera -- so-so coffee and usually packed full of laptoppy students. Although their window rooms -- two little sitting-rooms built into the end display windows of the store that it used to be -- are fun.
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Coastal Peaks on Higuera near Prado is very good. They roast their own coffee and offer good eats.
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Let me also say that Yelp can be useful for this. That's how I found Red Soles.
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Thanks everyone! We visited Alta Colina and Red Soles and loved them both. Also recommend Bodega Edgar (next to Alta Colina), Broken Earth and Rangeland (normally appointment only but was open for the Wine Festival). And Scout Coffee was so good we bought the coffee and the cup!

We knew we could look on Yelp, but we trust the taste makers on MeFi more. :-)
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Sounds like a great trip!
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