Can you help me find more music that sounds like this music?
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Boy howdy do I like this song, "Unfeeling Feeling" by Braindead. This is a band that not only 1) no longer exists but 2) didn't really make anything else I can find that sounds like this anyway. But! I can recall hearing stuff like this, you know, *around*, I just couldn't tell you where! If anyone is willing to help me figure out what I've been missing, please please please let me know. Thanks!
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How about these tracks by Ecovillage, Forest Swords, or Legendary Hearts?

(It'd be helpful if you could say a bit more about what it is about the reference track that you like and are looking for)
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You may like The Appleseed Cast.
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They are still around: Braindead/"branedead", from the Fork and Spoon records Bandcamp page.

What specifically do you like about it? I'd probably short-hand it as pastoral post-rock, but I don't know how much you're turned off by fuzz (if you like it, you can start with bands like Flying Saucer Attack) and how much you like the chill, slack guitar — Sigur Ros might be up your alley or Windy and Carl. Searches for "ambient pop" will turn up more in that vein.
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Explosions in the Sky, as mentioned above, is exactly like this but a little more deftly executed (in my humble opinion) and yeah they have some fuzzy loud parts. Unwed Sailor is also really close I think, but some of their stuff (less than half?) has vocals.

Or there's Do Make Say Think (a little more ponderous) or Don Caballero (a little rowdier).
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Maybe Scenic or Roy Montgomery
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Reindeer Section - Grand Parade
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In some ways sounds like Low. My favorite Low song right now is Starfire. But the early album Long Division is very beautiful and purer. I think Low may have been the originators of the sort of minimalist slow backbeat that's in the Braindead song.
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You might like some Trespassers William.
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Seconding Trespassers William.
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Reminded me a bit of Sigur Ros.
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Beach House (one random example).
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So, nugaze. Also in that vein: Paik, Bethany Curve, Jetman Jet Team, Roku Music, Slowdive, Slowness, Destroyalldreamers.
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