Volume Descriptor Sequences in DVD manufacturing
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DVD authoring question: How do I fix the error “Volume Descriptor Sequences are not equivalent”?

I am working with a publishing house to get a DVD manufactured, and they said our master was throwing the error “Volume Descriptor Sequences are not equivalent”. How can I alter the master to fix this error? Here's the documentation they sent me: http://imgur.com/a/m9yXB

A complicating factor is that I only have the .iso file itself; the person who authored the master is away for a week and a half and I don't have the original files. Can I fix this just having the .iso? Do I need extra software (I'm on a Mac)? Please explain like I'm 4. Thanks!
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Response by poster: Sorry; here's a clickable link: http://imgur.com/a/m9yXB.
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Response by poster: Sorry to keep adding on, but additional question: if I can't fix it in the .iso, what can I tell the person who authored it to do differently when he comes back? He is using DVDStyler.
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(holy crap Google is fast. I just googled "DVDStyler Volume Descriptor" and this Ask is the 4th link!)

Sorry, no help on the question but I really doubt this can be fixed at the ISO level. You'll most likely have to get back to the source and re-author.
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Best answer: DVD AfterEdit is an old program that can fix this. It's Mac-only and won't run on Lion or later. MeMail me and we can discuss options.
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