Hotel for San Francisco Pride
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I've never tried to book a hotel room during an event as big as SF pride and I'm having difficulties finding somewhere for 5 or 6 people to stay 45 days in advance. Our fav motel (Becks Motor Lodge) is full for Pride Weekend (June 27th+28th). Most other places seem to be as well. General or SF-specific tips for finding a room for the night would be really helpful.

We'd like to be close to the celebrations and would prefer somewhere that won't cost an arm and a leg (the only room I've been able to find so far was $680 a night). We have no issues getting cozy together and no compunctions about squeezing into a single room (despite hotel policy).
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Best answer: Did you try the Good Hotel? I don't know about vacancies for those dates, because you bet this town fills up fast, but it would be just about perfect if you could get in.
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Is VRBO or airbnb an option?
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I can't help with the hotel exactly but part of what's causing it to be so much of a problem is that the American Library Association is having it's annual conference at the same time, so hotels around the Moscone Center - which is also near the parade route - are going to be booked up with 10K librarians and vendors. So I'd look at AirBnB and other non-official channels if possible.
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Airbnb and Craigslist. Also, look at hotels outside of SF that connect to BART. They are cheaper even outside of pride season.
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Seconding BART line hotels. Only catch is that BART hours are terrible if you want to stay out late. Daly City is fairly close if you need to use Uber after midnight (Sf cabs are notoriously scarce).
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Try staying in Oakland or Berkeley near the BART - there is a Marriott in downtown Oakland that is near the BART and some pretty great bars.
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This is not a recommendation, but more of a reminiscense . . .

El Capitan Hotel

Back in the day, my girl and I stayed here for Pride. It certainly was memorable; but the accommodations were more than questionable.

Still, awesome memories and I regret nothing! But you can probably do better - lol :)
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Response by poster: The Good Hotel still had vacancies and we snagged a room! Thanks for your help everyone :)
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Next time, consider book somewhere along the BART route and "commute" into San Francisco. :)
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Right on! Glad that helped!
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