Multi-channel playback from an iPad?
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I'm helping a friend with an art installation that calls for 4-6 channels of spoken word audio, with speakers spread throughout the room. I could certainly drive this from a computer with an appropriate audio interface, but it would be nice to have a portable setup for the artist so I don't have to be there with a computer running a DAW to drive it. Is there such a thing as a 4-6 channel (output) interface for the iPad? I've seen plenty of 4-in/2-out options, but nothing with more than stereo output.
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Best answer: Googling "multitrack ipad audio interface" got me to this list of devices supported by one particular iOS multitrack app; looks like a variety of devices from that list will do what you need, although I know some are kinda pricey.
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A used laptop and a used FW interface will cost you less than half the price of the iPad solution - unless you reckon your time as being valuable, in which case it's more like a third or a quarter.
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