I can't think of any new games to play, any recommendations?
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I play video games pretty casually (maybe 2-3 a year) and I'm in the mood to play one now, but I can't think of anything!! I've been browsing gaming websites and I'm having trouble finding anything that appeals to me. I typically enjoy sandbox-y/first person shooters and I'm not too picky about genre (crime, sci-fi, etc.), I care a lot more about the plot and characters.

Right now, the only game I'm currently playing is Life is Strange (waiting for episode 3!!).

Some of the games I've enjoyed are: basically any Rockstar game (GTA V, LA Noire, Red Dead Redemption, etc.), the Bioshock games, Tomb Raider (2013), the first Assassins Creed games (I'm not interested in the rest of the series), Arkham Asylum/City/Origins, Alan Wake, Fallout 3, Portal 2, Half Life 2, Dead Space, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Mirror's Edge.

The only games I've played and haven't liked at all are the Saints Row games, Fallout: New Vegas, Dead Rising, and Dead Island. If that reveals anything about my limited taste!

Oh and I have an Xbox360.
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It's third person, but The Last of Us was acclaimed for its story and characters. I don't think it's on Xbox but if you have a PC it should be available.
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I had a lot of fun with the Lego Star Wars games. If I had an Xbox I'd go buy Lego Indiana Jones and Lego Harry Potter in a heartbeat.
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How about the Far Cry games, like 2, 3, and 4? (1's a pretty straight shooter)
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Since you appear to enjoy open world, check out Shadow of Mordor. And of course, Arkham Knight comes out next month. I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention Skyrim.

Also, Hitman:Absolution. (not open world but a stealth game like Arkham/AC)
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I would recommend Farcry 3, Skyrim, and Metro: Last light, Borderlands trilogy. They are all fun and should fall in more with your like and less with the dislikes.
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Nthing Shadows of Mordor (although the 360/PS3 versions are notably inferior in graphics and performance to current-gen) and the Lego games. The newer Wolfenstein games are over-the-top and a blast to play. I know you mentioned not liking newer Assassin Creed games, but AC4 was a real hoot to play, and the Freedom Cry DLC was enjoyable, if a little short. And while I'm personally not a fan of RPGs, the Dragon Age series is So Hot Right Now. Skyrim still seems to have a lot of life left in it as well, with a ton of mods ranging from the useful to the downright silly (i.e. every dragon is turned into murderously destructive Thomas The Tank Engines).
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You should try a Bioware game. If you like Mass Effect or Dragon Age, odds are good you'll like all of 'em.

You might also like to pick up a used copy of Kingdoms of Amalur. The studio is famously closed now and there won't be any sequels, but it's a pretty solid fantasy RPG.

It's short, but if you haven't played Journey you've done yourself a terrible disservice.
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Oh and popular opinion is that Assassin's Creed 1 is by far the worst one -- maybe pick up one of the piratey ones to see if you find it more compelling?
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It's third person, but The Last of Us was acclaimed for its story and characters. I don't think it's on Xbox but if you have a PC it should be available.

It's short, but if you haven't played Journey you've done yourself a terrible disservice.

Both games are only available on Playstation consoles.

Sleeping Dogs is an open world third-person shooter set in Hong Kong, with a fairly well-executed story. The latter half of the plot is particularly good, and the game is varied enough in its side missions that I spent quite a bit of time with it. Just Cause 2 is also a wonderful open world third-person shooter, but the writing is unhumorously stupid. Thankfully, the game is open enough that the plot can largely be ignored, and the driving, shooting, grappling, and exploring is so fun that the story can be forgiven.
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Rock Paper Shotgun (which is a PC gaming site) are doing a series of "50 Best" articles, and just recently published their list of the 50 Best FPS. They don't focus explicitly on open-world or character interaction -- and, in fact, exclude anything that's more like an RPG with FPS elements, so you wont' find, say, Mass Effect on there -- but you might find somthing up your alley there.

I know you're on an XBox, but some of the ones on the list are cross-platform, and it could spark some options in your mind.
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Just wanted to second Sleeping Dogs: that's a great game and if you like the Arkham games, you'll probably enjoy it.
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I've referred to Skyrim as the Medieval Sniper Simulator. It's, as you've no doubt heard, an incredible game with a brilliantly realized world and a near-endless supply of lovingly crafted plots and subplots that you can explore at your leisure.

You may think, but I said 'first person shooter.' Yes, Skyrim theoretically supports melee and magic playstyles, but by far the most rewarding way to play is in first person mode with a bow and a lot of stealth. I've played through the game like five times, and every time I think to myself: "This time I'm building a sword-and-board melee character" or "This time I'm going all-in on magic and summoned creatures."

About an hour in, I'm like "Well, just this one mission would be a lot more convenient if I had a bow, you know, for occasional use."

Three hours in, I am sneaking along ramparts in the dead of night, silently picking off bandits one by one.

It's perfect.

Oh, and the Far Cry games are pretty good too.
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Response by poster: Oh and popular opinion is that Assassin's Creed 1 is by far the worst one -- maybe pick up one of the piratey ones to see if you find it more compelling?

Haha. I should have been more clear, I've actually never played the first Assassin's Creed game, just the games with Ezio.

I'm seeing some good suggestions, though! Keep them coming.
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Definitely Skyrim. There's just so much there there.
Infamous kind of flew under the radar but was really fun. The sequel was supposed to be good as well, but I had moved on from my 360 by that time. Thin plot, mostly open-world blast-em-up.
Just Cause 2 is similar, only with guns and a grappling hook.
Have you played The Orange Box?
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You appear to be like me, in that you enjoy the story aspect as much as the gaming aspect. So, with that in mind, I have three recommendations, all of which are available on the Xbox 360: Braid, Bastion, and a weird weird weird-ass indie game (like, you'll have to go to the indie section of the Xbox Live game store to find it) called "All the Bad Parts." Far from polished, but it was very memorable to my mind, which favors story-driven gaming.
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Since you've played and enjoyed Half Life 2 (and hopefully the episodes that followed), I will take it for granted that you played the original Half Life. If you'd like to play it again in an enhanced form, the completed "Black Mesa" (aka Black Mesa Source) has just been released, last week or thereabouts.
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Shadow of Mordor plays almost exactly like a combination of the Batman Arkham games and Assassins Creed. Avoid the XB360 version though, they apparently removed the feature that makes the game interesting (the "nemesis" system). Plot/characters are a snooze, too.

Just Cause 2 is a lot of fun, but the storyline is the worst kind of b-action-movie nonsense (intentionally, it seems).

Bastion is excellent, and tells an interesting story in an interesting way.

Dishonored is the best first-person stealth game in years, if you're into that sort of thing. And Mark of the Ninja is the best 2D stealth game in years. Neither is a slouch in the storytelling department, either.
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I'm a big fan of the Dragon Age games, and Inquisition was fantastic. Mostly well-reasoned relationships, actual good side-plots and mini quest series, and for me a real sense of geopolitical maneuvering, and absolutely endless equipment and skill tinkering. All of which you can either participate in or not without breaking the fun of the game.

Dishonored is one of the only games of much length that I've played through more than once.

It seems that there will eventually be a PC version, but as of now it's only on Xbox One. Sunset Overdrive is all kinds of fun. Think Jet Set Radio meets GTA V meets fast zombies (and i'm over zombies too).

Now that I think of it, Jet Set Radio is available on the xbox store, and Jet Set Radio Future (the superior sequel) was released for the original xbox, but should run on a 360. Sci-fi rollerblade gangs and graffiti battles. If the movie The Warriors were a futuristic anime. Look up a video; I'm not able to explain this one very well.
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You want Far Cry 4. It is a fantastic open-world shooter. Sometimes I start playing and only end up hunting animals. Other times I just get in the little helicopter and seek out new places. And then every once in a while I do a mission level.

I've watched my 12-year-old son play and he plays completely different than I do, almost like it is a different game.
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Famously difficult, but I also play a game every year or so, and I loved Dark Souls. It's one of the most unique, immersive games I've ever played, and while it is fairly difficult, it's more than manageable if you grew up playing video games at all, and its difficulty is part of what makes it so immersive a world. Really, really, highly recommended.
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It might be helpful to watch some sections of game playthroughs on youtube. This player is wonderful:


Of the games already mentioned, the Mass Effect series would get my vote. You can pick up all three in one package fairly inexpensive.
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Your list of games that you've enjoyed meshes really well with my own. So that said, I'm seconding (thirding, fourthing?) the Borderlands trilogy (Borderlands 2 is far and away my favorite game of all time), as well as Dishonored. I'm a hugely picky gamer, and loved the bejeezus out of these games.

I also really enjoyed one called The Saboteur, although the dialog was corny as heck. But it's a sandbox/FPS/stealth combo, you get to kill lots of Nazis in Paris during WWII, and you can end up with a silenced pistol and a silenced machine gun. Big dumb fun!
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