Typeface with these characteristics?
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I'm looking for a typeface that is preferably condensed, bold, and most importantly one where the "S" and the "2" are mirrored (or at least very similar). If it is a high-end typeface, all the better. Ideas?
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Best answer: Sounds like a stereotypical soviet font would fit, although for values of "high end" = "Obey poster". Example.
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...and most importantly one where the "S" and the "2" are mirrored

Pretty much any typeface that intends to emulate machine type, "computer" type, LCD type, etc. are probably going to have the mirrored S and 2. Ditto for type designed to evoke a specific fee, like some of the "soviet" faces sukeban links to.

Typefaces that stand to serve a more general use generally aren't going to have the mirroring, owing to the distinctly different forms of the S and 2.

I'm not sure what you mean by "high-end typeface", though. Expensive to buy? Designed by a brand-name foundry?
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What are you using it for? Display, body text (hopefully not), or just making a logo/wordmark?

If it's for a wordmark, I'd find something in the ballpark, then modify either the S or 2 how you want. You can get away with the same in a headline use unless you're doing lots of iterations where it gets tedious to typeset.
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