Help me find new eyeglass frames
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I'm so in love with my current glasses, and I can't let go. Unfortunately, they are no longer made. Help me find something new!

I have been wearing these frames for quite a few years. I LOVE them and have yet to find anything nearly as lovable. I've emailed optical4less and they say that they are no longer made. If I had known that they would run out, I would have bought a bunch of spares years ago!

I'm trying to find something in the same vein. Semi-rimless, with a pronounces, separated brow like the ones above. Help?
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Do you have a friend with a 3D scanner/printer? You might be able to make a duplicate...
posted by three_red_balloons at 1:39 PM on May 13, 2015

Theo might get you close (scroll down to the bottom of the page for the separated browline models). Pricey and not as reliable as I'd hoped: my last pair lasted about a year before a temple hinge failed — but the styling is very unique and in the ballpark of what you are after.
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I feel your pain. If none of biscuits' suggestions do it for you, try copying the image of your frames and doing a google image search to see if something similar turns up.
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Definitely Google the frame name, you might find a place that sells deadstock frames (eBay is also a good bet).
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Cat Pie, are your current frames still okay? You can always get them re-lensed. Costco will charge you $18 to put a new prescription in your current frames.
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