What are airlines looking for when hiring for customer service?
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How do I get hired by an airline to work in customer service? I want to know what level of education and experience I need, what their ideal applicant looks like, and any pros and cons of the job.

Just looking for advice from people in the industry, current or prior.
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Phone support or a role at the airport?
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I've known some people who have worked for a major American airline in airport support roles (e.g. gate agents). To my understanding they were hired through family connections, and none of them had any post-secondary education. Overall it seemed a good gig: unionized, very generous time off for maternal/paternal leave (~6 months), but the hours were often bad.
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It also seems like you need to have the right temperament. From those I've talked to in the industry, it starts to wear on you if you're talking to people that are very pissed off for big chunks of the day, every workday.
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Response by poster: Preferably face-to-face customer service at the airport.
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