Help me find a very specific episode of This American Life.
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I'm looking for a segment from This American Life to have a friend listen to, because the story is oddly specific to her life. The segment is about a man and a woman who were at one point married, but then divorced, because the husband suffered from a type of delusional disorder where he believed his wife was sleeping around with just about everyone. The interview was from the perspective of the woman, since the man had moved on to a new woman, and presumably would take up the same course of actions with her (the wife's words [paraphrasing here]). I've looked through the tags on TAL's website and even searched by air date back, but I think that the part I'm looking for was fairly short within the context of the episode itself. IIRC, in the same episode, one of the presenters on TAL talked with a woman who was sort of a secret agent, maybe met her in a bar, and followed her around for a bit. I know for certain that that part was in the same episode. If anyone out there can hope me find this episode, I would forever be in your internet debt!
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Best answer: This one?
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Best answer: It's Secret Identity. The above commenter has it.
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Response by poster: That's the one! Is there anything Mefites can't answer? You guys are the best.
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Oh wow -- this is real life for a couple I'm close to as well. Didn't know TAL had ever touched on it. Thanks!
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