Getting a replacement title for a mobile home in North Carolina.
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I'm not sure how many people will have had experience with this, but... as the title says, I need a replacement title for a mobile home I own in North Carolina so that I can transfer it to another person. I am aware that the DMV can facilitate the transfer between the two of us in person; however, the buyer's schedule prohibits this. More details below.

Based on everything I've read, I can submit a request for a duplicate title, but I need to obtain the VIN Number. I haven't been able to find the VIN number on the interior of the home. Is the DMV able to provide me the VIN number from their records if I go to their office in person?

I also read that I have to get a release from the company that financed it over 10 years ago that shows there are no liens. Is this actually necessary? It seems as though the DMV would already have this in their records, too.
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It seems like the finance company, if they had any records at all, would have the VIN number. Maybe the VIN plate is on the frame under the home?
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The VIN number for mobile homes is usually on the side of the house on a metal plate according to my husband. He sometimes has to get them for work and says they're typically low on the exterior and about the size of a playing card.
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