What does this passport say?
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This is my uncle's passport. It was issued in 1949. He was originally from Aleppo, Syria, but he lived elsewhere. I'm not certain what some of the words are (in French and in Arabic) on his passport.

This image shows the countries the passport is valid in. I can't make it out.

This one shows where the passport was issued. I've tried to Google what I think that place name says, to no avail.

I was hoping perhaps someone could either make out the French or read the Arabic. Thanks for any help--we don't know where he lived from around 1917 to 1950, the rumor is Iran, but this may help figure it out.
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Best answer: From the French:

Countries for which this passport is valid.

Iraq and Iran.

Don't know about where it was issued, though. Is that Le Heran (with an accent on the e) or Ce'Heran (with the same accent)? Can't tell.
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Delivered on the twenty second of Janurary, 1948, not 1949, it looks like to me.
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Best answer: I suspect the second one is "Téhéran," which is the French name for Tehran.
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A better reader of Arabic handwriting will have more success, but I can tell you from the Arabic that the passport was delivered in Tehran, in 1948 (the rest of the date is certainly readable, but someone else will have more ease with it), and is valid in Iran, and another place.
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So, with the Arabic-language confirmation on Tehran, you've got:

Link One:
Countries for which this passport is valid
Iraq and Iran

Link Two:
Delivered in Tehran
The twenty-second
of the month of January 1948
Signed by ?
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Signature of the Consul

Nthing Iraq and Iran, and Téhéran (Tehran).
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Signature of the Consul might refer to the stamp below that, or maybe there is an actual Consul signature lower on the page?
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Response by poster: Thanks so much everyone. I can totally tell that it says Iraq and Iran now. Thrilled to find out where it was issued as I believe it confirms that he lived in Iran, as we had thought.
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