Outlook Prints Emails As A Column of Single Characters
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Outlook automatically formats some nested messages as very narrow columns a single character wide. I need to print out several such messages and I'm unable to format these properly.

At their narrowest they become a column of single characters



these are difficult to read and print out a couple paragraphs of content over dozens of pages.

How do I print msg files with nested replies in a way that doesn't waste space and preserves legibility?
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So far the only solution I have found is to do a horrible tedious job of copypasting normally-formatted text from the original sent messages onto the final edition to be printed, assuming I am one of the recipients in the exchange.
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If you open one like you're going to reply, and then switch from HTML to Plain Text in the Format section, what happens?
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Are you wedded to Outlook? If so, it's probably easiest to copy and paste to a text editor before running some scripts.

Opening the IMAP account with Thunderbird would allow you to use extensions such as this.
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Best answer: Edit the message then ctrl-a (select all) , ctrl-q (which left aligns everything)
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