Tell me some "Good Guy Ed Sheeran" stories
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As an aging curmudgeon, I was predisposed to resist Ed Sheeran's ubiquity and popularity with the kids (like I do with One Direction and the like). But by all accounts - literally, ALL accounts that I have found so far - he is a cool and humble and gracious and funny guy, and the story of how he worked his way to success is real. Googling for stories about him gives a deluge of stuff, so I ask here: are there some good specific stories or quotes or actions that demonstrate that he is a "good guy"? (Or if I am wrong in my assessment, are there stories showing the opposite?)
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Well I looked at perezhilton (the things I do for you people) figuring if anyone would have something nasty to say it'd be them, and came up with nothing. They even refer to his "niceness" so I'd say he must be pretty decent guy.

He was pretty charming on Sesame Street, singing about how to follow different social norms when at home or in school.
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Well, he did write a hit song about being mad and whiny when a women whom he had a casual, non-exclusive relationship with slept with someone else. Classic "nice guy".
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Didn't know about reputation as a womanizer, but I consider him pretty adorkable, at least in part due to this:
(background: The Late Late Toy Show is a hugely popular TV tradition in Ireland where our main talk-show host lets kids test loads of toys in the run-up to christmas and then review them while hopped up on green-room sugar. There are often surprises and gifts for the audience etc. The present presenter is rubbish).

Ed Sheeran on The Late Late Toy Show
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My lone experience of seeing the guy is when he was on The Late Late Show when John Mayer was hosting, and they agreed to get tattoos designed by the other one WITHOUT seeing them first. I believe John wrote one that said "Kool Guy" and Ed drew a cat. Anyway, they were bonding over getting tattoos and it was cute.
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Have you listened to "Thinking Out Loud"?
I didn't consider myself an Ed Sheeran fan before but, man, the tears.
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People fall in love in mysterious ways, and maybe it's all part of the plan.
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