Morse. Just Morse. Or was it?
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I'm trying to find an Inspector Morse story (show?) that I'm beginning to think only existed in my mind. Did it?

I've read all the Colin Dexter "Inspector Morse" books & short stories over a period of many years as well as seen the TV shows many times over. Even so, my recollection of all the plots is grainy at best. However, I do recall one story/show (can't remember whether it was one or the other or both) where Morse is investigating a murder and comes across some adult videos with a middle-aged (maybe?) woman in them. I cannot remember if they were "production" videos or home-movie types. Anyway, my poor recollection is that Morse gets semi-obsessed with the woman (was she the one murdered?...). Lewis is a prude about it and watching them of course. That's about the extent of what I remember (or imagined). Was this a real story? It doesn't seem to match any of the storyline descriptions that I read on Amazon or the TV show plot summaries.
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This is definitely a real story. I've been watching through the Morse episodes recently myself and remember it. The videos were of the home-movie variety, and included the woman being beaten and choked if I remember right. I looked through the episode descriptions, and I think it must be the final episode of Season 3. I can't say for certain, though.
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The Way through the Woods?
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Could this be the last of the Morse novels, The Remorseful Day? No adult videos in the novel, but the plot is similar.

Morse and Lewis discover that the murdered woman had kinky S&M sessions with various men. Lewis starts to get suspicious about Morse's inside knowledge of the case. Then he finds a letter that Morse wrote to the woman, which implies that Morse was sexually involved or at any rate sexually obsessed with her. Then he goes through Morse's belongings and finds a pair of handcuffs hidden at the back of a drawer. I won't reveal the final plot twist, except to say that all is not as it seems.
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Response by poster: I thought of The Remorseful Day as well but I have a very strong memory of Morse watching a video and Morse remarking (thinking?) how seductive the woman appeared. At least I think I remember it..
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I remember a TV episode in which a bunch of men hired a model to pose undressed. In particular, I remember of of the men admiitting to "some tops-off work.," it just sounded so English. Don't remember if there was video, though.
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I've recently been watching Morse. I'm up to S4E1 and I haven't seen anything that is exactly what you mention. I think I pretty well remember that nothing quite like this has happened in series 1-3.

However, a recent episode, "The Secret of Bay 5B" (S3E4) did have pornographic videos found in the dead man's car glovebox. Lewis watches part of them (with some of the other lads at the station) and Morse makes a snide remark about it (about minute 46: "Seen enough to say how Gifford liked his porn?") He was also propositioned by a prostitute the dead man used to visit, but turns her down. (For his part, Lewis seems to be more grinning than scowling when he's seen watching the video).
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