Academic etiquette advice for this special snowflake.
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I graduated last spring with a humanities BA, I moved back to Canada the summer following and got in touch with local uni. faculty, looking to gain a little research experience. This led to me doing a little data-crunching for a faculty member, but fizzled out rather quickly as other commitments got in the way. Would it be inappropriate to contact her again? Not sure exactly how to approach this because I feel I more or less messed up by not being proactive enough the first time around.

Initially, I had contacted a faculty member who has ties to my undergraduate university and whose research interests align closely to my own. He proceeded to forwarded that email around the department and I received a few enthusiastic responses from profs looking for an extra hand for some work that neither they/nor their grad students could cover.

I started doing some work for a faculty member on a project that most closely matched my interests, met with her twice in person and continued to correspond as I crunched some corpus data for her. However, I got a full-time job a few weeks later and couldn't quite complete as much work as I had hoped to (that said, it was never quite agreed upon just how much she expected of me). I sent her the (admittedly embarrassingly little) work I had completed and said I wouldn't have time to complete any more at the moment.

I moved abroad for a while and will be back in my home city shortly. I would really like to get more significantly involved this time, prior to applying for grad school sometime next year. Especially now that I have the time to commit.

Can anyone advise on how I should approach the situation? It's probably as simple as sending her a quick line, re-introducing myself and my interests, and explaining that personal commitments had gotten in the way last time. This clueless 21 year old needs some guidance.
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