Downloading shows/movies to watch offline on a Mac
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I'm about to get on a long international flight. I'd like to download some TV shows and movies to my Mac laptop before I go, so that I can watch them offline while in the air. Most sites seem to be focused on streaming these days, so what are my best options for obtaining offline content? I'm in the U.S. Thanks!
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I just did this.i downloaded a bunch of movies to my Mac included a few that I rented from iTunes and transferred to my iPad. (Obviously you do not have to transfer to an iPad). I also borrowed some dvd's fm my public library and burned them to disk (handbrake).

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So you can rent a non-streaming movie from iTunes? That seems ideal. I'd rather not have to buy movies I will likely only watch once.
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Sure just buy/rent trough iTunes on your iPad.
Download but don't start watching yet...

Alternatively rent DVD's trough Netflix and use Handbrake to rip them.
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I have a Macbook Air, not an iPad, though I don't think that should make a difference. I also don't have a Netflix account, and I'm getting on a plane tonight, so DVDs are not an option.
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Rent movies on iTunes. Download but don't start watching until you are on the airplane (although I think the rental stays valid for several days after it begins to be viewed).
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Yes - you can rent movies on iTunes. Make sure you select the download option after you rent it. Then it will be stored on your computer for 30 days, and you can start watching anytime within those 30 days.

Once you click 'play' you have 24 hours to watch the rental video.

I do this in advance of long flights too!
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You can also rent or buy movies from Amazon and watch them on an iPad using the Amazon Instant Video app. (You have to get the movie on, then select the movie from the app and pick "download").
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If on youtube or similar site, try youtube-dl
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There are many full length movies on YouTube, mostly older stuff. You can find a place that consolidates them and use one of those YouTube downloader browser add-ons and then convert to the right format using Handbrake.
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Check your mefi mail.
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Also what airline are you on? Most international flights I've been on lately have either the headrest setup with a database of 100+ movies or free streaming using an in flight service.
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You could also sign up to Mubi's free trial and download any of the movies they currently have (they have a rolling selection of 30 different movies available at any one time).
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I wound up renting/buying a bunch of stuff off of iTunes. Not interested in illegal downloads.
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Amazon is capital for this. Click the download link obvs.
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