Emergency LibreOffice help: all of my footnotes just disappeared!
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Emergency LibreOffice help: all of my footnotes just disappeared!

After saving and closing a document in LibreOffice (in docx format), I just lost all but the first seven footnotes in the piece. I've read some bug reports that suggest that this has been a problem for LibreOffice in years past, but they go light-years beyond my level of computer knowledge. I just want to know if there's any hope of recovering these notes, and if so, what I need to do to get them back.
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What OS are you on, and where was it saved? If it was saved to a google drive, there may be a previous version. Same possibility for Windows.
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Is it possible that there's a temp file of an earlier version with all the correct footnotes?

Recovery of former version.
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Response by poster: No temp file because I'm an ass and didn't have it set to automatically make back ups. Just re-did them all by hand. May the next person who experiences this and finds this thread have better luck (and foresight) than I did. Thanks for the help anyway, folks.
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