What departments utilize volunteer firefighters near Columbus Ohio?
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Help me find any volunteer firefighter/EMS in/near Columbus Ohio. I have googled, but it's really hard to find. The only one I could find is Minerva Park.
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I think you'll find more volunteer opportunities away from metro areas. But if I were looking, I'd get in touch with whatever schools in your area offer FF training. That looks like Cuyahoga Community College and Ohio Fire Academy.
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I agree that I think you'll have better luck out in the cornfields. I came across this website that maps fire departments and tells whether they're volunteer or not. Not sure how accurate it is, but might be a place to start. Here's one example out near London.
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I agree with the above. Columbus is my former residence and most of the volunteer forces are not near the city, in rural areas like delaware.
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I think Granville still has a volunteer unit. It's about 30 minutes east of Columbus.
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